Cute Chew Toys Without Stuffing

Does your dog tear apart stuffed toys within minutes? The hottest chew toys right now are those without  stuffing. They are furry, soft, and even look like wild animals!


Skinneeeze are plush toys that stimulate your dog's prey drive.  The toy is easy to grab hold of and flip flops around to the delight of your dog. The best part is without the stuffing the dog is much less likey to to tear the cloth apart and the toy will last much longer.


ETHICAL Plush Skinneeez Squirrel Mini is 15 inches long and is the perfect toy for small to medium size dogs. It contains two sqeakers.


For larger dogs there is the SKINNEEEZ Crinklers Bird Assorted 14inch.  No stuffing and 1 squeaker! Instead it is partially stuffed with crinkle paper that makes a nice crinkle sound when your dog bites down it.  Your dog will love tossing and flipping it around, or even to play fetch/retrieving.


SKINNEEEZ has a large assortment in different sizes and features. We will keep adding more each month to our inventory so keep checking back.

For more wimsical and comedic toys, Charming Pet has cartoonish animals, characters and innovative alternatives to squeakers such as whole plastic water bottles inside a plush animal that makes a loud crunching sound in your dogs mouth. They also have heavy cloth padded toys without stuffing and those that are a mix of rope and cloth. We will have these in stock sometime in April. The SKINNEEEZ  are available NOW!

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