Do You Know What Makes This Dog Special?

Cooper is a special. He has a rare birthdefect in dogs- a shortened spine. But that is not what makes him special. Do you know what it is?


Despite his handicapp, Cooper is loving, sweet and playful and takes life with a smile. He is also the goodwill ambassador for Secondhand Hounds, where he has his home. That is what makes him special!

There are only 14 known cases of Short Spine Syndrome in the world, and Secondhand Hounds has two of them: Cooper  and Quasimodo- the most well known dog with Short Spine Syndrome.

"I'm a reverse Basset hound. I have these really long legs that don't match my shortspine. I bet I would have been a really big boy of I wasn't born shortspine. But I like being me, so I dont mind being a lil smooshy with long legs.

Visit Cooper at his Facebook page and give him some Lovin!

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