Mango Has a Mission

Mango is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, and Judy, Mango's caretaker is an angel.

It all started over seven years ago. Mango was found on the side of the road in a ditch in Fort Worth, Texas and was picked up by animal control on a random call and dropped at the local city kill shelter.

After being pulled and saved by Emma’s Rescue, multiple tests indicated damage that was irreversible. She suffered a fractured back and pelvis, and now depends on a wheelcart to get around. Mango also suffers from incontinence, and has to wear a diaper.  .

Emma’s Rescue has a program called Emma’s Rescue Reserve, which adopted her out to Judy who is a veteran in Ohio. Together, Judy and Mango are on a mission going to VA hospitals and clinics offering emotional support and inspiration. 

But Judy did not stop there.  She created a charity called Mango's Freedom Wheels which through donations funds wheelchairs for other dogs that need them.  Judy still wanted to do more and has done fundraising drives on Mango's Facebook pages for paying for vital surgeries dogs like Mango need. 

And if that's not enough, she holds a fund raising auction of donated products once a year in the Spring. April 24 through May 2nd.  You may purchase and send items to them for the auction as well as bid/buy from the auction. Buster and Dickens has donated a box of items that includes a small cave bed, treats and CBD treats.  You can also buy items at 20%  off from us and have us ship it to them on your behalf, or mail it to them yourself.  You have to be a member of their facebook group for the auctions to get their ship to address and be part of the auction.



  • I had the honor of meeting Mango, Judy and Nay a few years ago. I wanted to meet Mango so bad I asked if I could come to the hotel to meet them while here in Los Angeles. It absolute made my day especially after recently losing my Yorkie Rayaa Sunshine. Thank you so much for sharing Mango with us ❤️

  • Thank you for this amazing article about a sweet doggy I follow named Mango!! I watched the Hero Dog Awards on tv the year Mango was honored by being named Hero Therapy Dog. I love how Mango is so happy her smile makes me smile. #TeamMango rocks

    Vickie Bellus
  • I forgot to mention that (I believe it was the following year) Mango was honored to be asked, to be an Ambassador for American Humane and has attended events, as such. Mango and Judy inspire us every day! <3

    Carol Tripp
  • THANK YOU for your wonderful article! As a member of the “Mission”, I would like to add that Mango was the American Humane Therapy Dog of the Year: 2016. Our Holiday auction, which usually takes place the first week in November, is our bigger auction of the two. Thank You, again, for honoring Mango & Judy! Carol Tripp
    Carol Tripp

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